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200mm/8-Inch GaN Power Device and GaN-IC Technology to Unleash Your Power IC Technology

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Presentation given by Denis Marcon, Senior Business Development Manager, at IMEC.

Today, GaN-on-Si is well accepted as a break-through power electronics technology. Imec has available a solid 8-inch/200mm GaN-on-Si e-mode platform that is continuously improved in terms of performance and reliability for 100, 200V and 650V power switching applications. Next to this, imec is also enabling the next generations of GaN technologies with higher level of integration and suitable for wide voltage ranges. In this talk, imec reviews the status of imec’s 8-inch/200mm GaN-on-Si e-mode device technology and how key challenges were tackled and solved. Moreover, imec’s GaN-IC technology is explained and examples of what is possible to realize with such technology will be shown.

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