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Interview with EleGaNT project coordinator

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Interview with Mr Stefaan Decoutere, project coordinator of EleGaNT : IMEC’s Ganic roadmap

Following the publication on IMEC’s extended GaN-IC platform at International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), Mr Stefaan Decoutere, Program Director at IMEC, was interviewed by EDACafé this january 2022. This interview presents how EleGaNT’s GaN-IC platform is evolving and how this major update, carried out in parallel with EleGaNT project, would further benefit to the latter.

Indeed, IMEC has achieved the co-integration of a low-voltage and high-voltage Schottky diodes (proprietary Gate-Edge-Termination Schottky Barrier Diodes – GET-SBD) with a low-voltage d-mode HEMTs. In this new solution, the d-mode HEMTs replace the resistors in the RTL (Resistor/Transistor Logic) with a current source (that is called DCFL or Direct Coupled FET logic).

This new GaN-IC platform can be used for improving the third quadrant operation of the low-side switch, and for rectification, level shifting, clamping, etc., in various analog blocks.

To learn more about the first results of this co-integration, watch here the full interview of Mr Decoutere.

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